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1. General Conduct and Behavior: 1.1. Above all things be civil and respectful towards your fellow members. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Unacceptable behavior includes harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, nation-hating (country bashing), spamming and instigating problems in any form. 1.2. If your thread gets locked, or a post deleted, do not create a new one asking "why" or complaining about it. If you want to discuss it, contact a moderator or admin via email or the personal message system. 1.3. If you have a problem with one of the moderators, admins, or another member of these forums, either email them or send them a private message. Keep your personal business off of the main forums; it doesn't belong there and will disrupt normal discussions. 2. Forum Topics and Posts 2.1. Stay on topic. Do not post about the new season of ER in the cycling area, and don't talk about the next Tour de France in the off-topic areas. Don't discuss non-cycling sports in the cycling areas. We have an off-topic forum for that. Keep things in the right forums or your thread may be moved or deleted at a moderator's discretion. 2.2. When debating a topic make sure that you focus on what is being said, not who is saying it. In short, debate the argument, not the person. Personal attacks when you are losing (or winning!) a debate aren't acceptable. 2.3. Keep it clean. There are people of all ages and background on the forums, it is advisable for you to keep things as clean as possible when you post. 2.4 No adult or questionable material. This includes pornography, racism, sexually harassing, anti-religion, anti-political, or generally malicious content. 2.5 Think before you post, and use the search feature. This forum can be very active at times and often multiple threads are created on the same topic. To reduce this occurrence always make sure to check the forums you intend to post in for any topics matching what you were about to post, or use the search function available on the forums if you need. This will help reduce confusion and clutter in the forums. 2.6. This is not a political or religious debate forum. These topics do little more than get people angry and start big arguments that have to be cleaned up by forum staff. These topics have no place here. If you wish to discuss these topics online there are other forums dedicated to them on the internet and you are encouraged to find one. 2.7. There is a forum set aside specifically for discussion of Doping. Discussion of doping in other forums is expressly FORBIDDEN. 3. WARNINGS and Notes. 3.1. Have fun. Fun is mandatory. If you are not having fun you will be dealt with accordingly. We can't have people walking around not having fun. It ruins the atmosphere. 3.2. Do not feed the Moderators. They are kept on a very specific diet of young spammer, troll meat, and kibble. Their diet is specially formulated for their long-term health and helps keep their coats shiny and soft.